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General Message Board / Re: Word Association Game!
« Last post by bondkbond on Today at 07:32:04 AM »
meat curtains that could wrap...
General Message Board / Re: The Last Poster Wins, NGS Version!
« Last post by bondkbond on Today at 07:29:27 AM »
I need to go to a couple of those games. Or maybe get a DVD?    grin1
We've seen this Movie before Bond...........

True. Like hearing about how good the Vikings are for 3 months and the so-called "experts" had them holding the Lombardi trophy weeks ago. It was like they were paid off. They were simply outcoached like Belichick does every year. Got to hand it to the guy. Best coach in the history of this game IMO.
Minnesota Vikings / Re: The Viking Lounge
« Last post by DLPackers on Today at 05:40:15 AM »
I am, yeah. I guess it should say good season.
their rather large and thick
Minnesota Vikings / Re: Wolves Den...
« Last post by Tushay on Today at 12:31:46 AM »

Minnesota Vikings / Re: Vikings iPod...
« Last post by Tushay on Today at 12:30:23 AM »
ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin'

Minnesota Vikings / Re: Vikings Off Topic Thread.
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Minnesota Vikings / Re: Vikings FUNNY Pages...
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