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NASCAR / Re: SUPER vs Loser vs Whiner vs Weenie Game, 2017
« Last post by mikeyfan5599 on Today at 02:57:43 PM »
Super I am removing all the dialogue on this between Section and I not that have any regrets but in respect of you and Spikes. 
NASCAR / Re: SUPER vs Loser vs Whiner vs Weenie Game, 2017
« Last post by Super28 on Today at 02:27:51 PM »
Whatever it is, it's not worth getting upset over. You two have always had different of opinions, just look at it as that and forget it. Not worth either of your all's time to even think about it again. Think of the children....nevermind
NASCAR / Re: SUPER vs Loser vs Whiner vs Weenie Game, 2017
« Last post by Super28 on Today at 02:24:43 PM »
I wait this resolved by Christmas or there will be hell to pay wagfing

There will be a definite exchange of Christmas Cards!

General Message Board / Re: Re: The Last Poster Wins, LNU Version!
« Last post by Jedi on Today at 01:53:15 PM »
I am also real close to deleting my Facebook account.
The hate that is being spewed from blacks and whites alike makes me sick to my stomach!!!

I prob won't because it has many good uses, especially for our dart leagues and tourney stuff.
But, I am seriously so sick of all this hate chit. :(

What's that old cliche? Can't we all just get along?
I think y'all know how I feel about the subject of the flag and the anthem, so, I don't need to get into that again.
But let me say this...

It just angers me to no end on what is happening to this country.
Race realtions have been set further back than before I was even born.
So much blame to pass it around on other than just Obama and Trump.

I hate political debates in general, and now I gotta listen to it whenever I turn on the radio or TV sports channels?

Anywho, I saw this article this morning.


Among those against whom charges were filed:

Lamont Evans, associate head coach for the Oklahoma State Cowboys
Chuck Person, associate head coach for the Auburn University Tigers
Emanuel “Book” Richardson, assistant coach for the Arizona Wildcats
Anthony "Tony" Bland, assistant head coach of the University of Southern California Trojans

Thanks for that article. I just heard something about it on the radio at lunch but caught the tail end of it and wasn't sure what happened.

Full practices started this week. I think we got about 40 some odd days left to go!
Really excited about my boys potential this season. But I guess that's nothing
Black Hills Belters forge a champion in FBB!  towl towl

269-225 over Skydog.

I wanted to carry the flag for MKTF in this final and thankfully I was able to do that.  Sky is a game competitor..we've been facing off in finals for years now.  We both kind of underperformed this week, and I made a couple bad judgments on which hitters to start, but it worked out.  Kluber and Verlander helped me out big time these past few weeks.  Indians and Astros will be in good shape with those two on the mound.

I'm very happy you won since I didn't.
Sky is tough to crack in Football and Baseball. Been there many times myself.

BUT, he couldn't hold our jockey straps in Hockey!!! grin1
General Message Board / Re: All Friends Bar & Grill at NGS
« Last post by Khep on Today at 12:47:25 PM »
Bills 2-1!
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