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Anywho, I saw this article this morning.


Among those against whom charges were filed:

Lamont Evans, associate head coach for the Oklahoma State Cowboys
Chuck Person, associate head coach for the Auburn University Tigers
Emanuel “Book” Richardson, assistant coach for the Arizona Wildcats
Anthony "Tony" Bland, assistant head coach of the University of Southern California Trojans
I will say that Trump was wrong for calling  out the NFL. He should stick to worrying about N. Korea and those poor souls in Puerto Rico with no power or water and leave the sports bs to someone else.

On this we can agree.
I'm sure you won't agree on this, and I don't really care, but, as usual, Trump opens his mouth and makes something worse than it was before.  Originally, I didn't like what Kaepernick was doing because I thought it more a publicity stunt than a real effort to raise awareness.  Perhaps it was not my place to make that judgement, but when I'd listen to him, I couldn't help it.  Now, as I feel Trump was basically saying, "F*** your first amendment rights," I cannot help but support those who chose to stand (or, in this case, kneel, or lock arms) in a show of mutual support.  It's not about disrespecting the anthem, or the flag, or the troops (I still find it ironic as hell Trump would dare open his mouth about being disrespectful or not showing the proper reverence for our men and women who do or have worn a uniform, but that's another thing), it's about acknowledging and raising awareness for the fact, while we have come a long way, we still have a way to go before all people are treated equally.  Could there be a more appropriate time/place/means of communicating that idea, perhaps, but now this whole thing has taken on a much bigger life, just because the Orange One had to run off at the mouf, again.
Minnesota Vikings / Re: Ski U Mah
« Last post by Tushay on Today at 11:27:44 AM »
Maryland QB Kasim Hill has a torn ACL, will miss the remainder of the season...
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him as he gayily pranced

around BTR in drag queen
NASCAR / Re: SUPER vs Loser vs Whiner vs Weenie Game, 2017
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Oh dear. I can't go on vacation without the children fighting while I'm gone.
This thread is about racing, keep your views of other matters off.
Both of you can be sent to bed without supper!

Come on! Forget it and move on . This is a game, and I'm losing badly .Which I don't like, but I'm too big to talk about your mothers grin1
Minnesota Vikings / Re: Vikings Game Day Chat...
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And if you disagree with me, that is your privilege... and you can apply stimulation to my reproductive organ.

Your vagina?
General Message Board / Re: Let's Count to Infinity
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Anybody hear from Buc? His mom had her first chemo treatment yesterday. I was thinking about him all day.


Minnesota Vikings / Re: Vikings iPod...
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Toto - Africa

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