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Re: AP Top 25/ USA Today Coachs Poll
« Reply #25 on: January 20, 2014, 12:46:39 PM »
So I went and got tickets to SDSU and UNM against Utard State. Coach looking at SDSU's schedule, I'm not that impressed.

Zona 18-0 - Lost by 9
@ Creighton 15-3 - Won by 6
@ Marquette 10-8 - Won by 8
@ San Diego 11-9 - Won by 1
Washington 11-8 - Won by 7
@ Kansas 13-4 - Won by 4
BSu 13-5- Won by 3 (BSu choked it away in the second half. They were up 10)
@ AFA 9-8 - Won by 7

And there are other numerous games where it is under 10 points at home. Does anyone really think a legitimate top ten team beats near .500 teams, at home, by less then ten? Sorry Coach, but SDSU isn't great. They aren't a joke since they aren't losing to these teams either, but they remind me a lot of what UNM was last year. A scrappy team that found a way to win a conference. Plus they have two D2 or D3 schools on the schedule giving them an inflated record and stat line.

Not impressed good sir.
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