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Re: Blitz's Steel City Tavern
« Reply #25350 on: November 24, 2017, 12:07:34 PM »
Thanksgiving Showdown about to drop the puck on NBC..Penguins at Bruins.  Murray and Khudobin in net.  Bs will continue to ride the hot hand in goal until he levels off.

Blitz...........big dispute in Vancouver about the NHL on Amercian Thanksgiving Thursday.

NO games scheduled ........But there were 15 games on Wednesday and 14 today.......Fans want to know why the NHL does not go up against the NFL.....The NFL has Thanksgiving Thursday as their day and the NBA has Christmas Day as their day......why does the NHL not have a Day for it's League......I call HORSE MANURE.

................WE HAVE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT HOCKEY COAST to COAST...............

Good luck Buddy the puck is about to drop in Boston.........

“Pretty much all the goals he got were kind of hilarious when you think about it,” the delusional goalie said. “I mean you got to look at some of those goals and just laugh.”

That quote is very funny............coming from Matt Murray on Brook Boeser goals against the Pens.....(5 in two games)

Respect is huge in my books

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Re: Blitz's Steel City Tavern
« Reply #25351 on: November 28, 2017, 04:50:04 PM »
Good afternoon folks!

Well, I'm pretty crushed at the news that the Penguins are shopping Ian Cole for a trade, my favorite player.  Not much of what this team is doing this year makes sense to me.  Apparently Vegas, Colorado and Toronto are interested.

Wherever he ends up, I will always be a fan of Ian Cole and forever thankful for his contributions to the back-to-back Stanley Cups.  What a warrior.
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