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Denny Hamlin win encumbered

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NASCAR hit the 11 team with a pretty significant penalty. Will this have an impact on the Chase hopes of the Toyotas? Logano's penalty hit Penske pretty hard, they have yet to recover, and Ford hasn't been performing well since then.

The Xfinity win is also encumbered (like that matters).

I have a feeling the Toyotas are going to suddenly not be as competitive.

Tell that to Front Row Motorsports.

Off with their heads!!!

Well after two weeks it is quite apparent I was waaaay off on my prediction. Toyota's are just dominant right now, I still think Truex takes it all. He has been dominant all year, if he doesn't win it will be a travesty. Maybe if Kyle Larson won I could make an argument he deserved it, but most other drivers...


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