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Stage Racing: Yay or Nay!

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When this format was introduced at the beginning of the season I was a bit skeptical but took a wait and see approach. After the season I think the stage racing was a great change to make. For years people have complained about drivers just logging laps in the long races, giving the drivers something to drive for early in the race was a much needed improvement. The addition of points for the Chase was an additional carrot that the drivers went for. Martin Truex used this set up to give him enough points to practically guarantee a shot at the Championship, and in the process completely dominated the season. For many years I was opposed to the Chase because it did nothing to reward drivers for what they did in the 'regular season'. One bad race could derail a dominant season. This new change fixed that, and the Champion this year was the one who deserved it the most. I could even have accepted an argument for Kyle Busch, but if either Harvick or Keselowski had won it would have been a travesty, although I would have loved to see Harvick win a second Championship.

So what did you think. Great, not so great, still on the fence?

I thought that the stage racing made it more competitive throughout the race.
So yes, I liked the change.

I thought it was a nice change to the series. It was like watching two heat races then the feature at your local short track.  Next year should be even more interesting because everyone now understands what Front Row did from the very beginning dominate the season and you can almost guarantee to be in Miami.  We should see a lot more competition for a top 10 finish in each of the stages.  This is one change NASCAR made that made racing fun again IMO

Totally agree. It didn't make sense for the final race though since the stage winner got no benefit.  You could probably say that for the last 4 races actually since the drivers going to the championship don't get a benefit from stage points.

I agree, good call by NASCAR adding in the stages.  I was skeptical when the season started about how it would work out, but I think its going to lead to more competitive racing in the future.  (wait, did I just agree with mikey on something....when did these pigs get wings???)


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