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Re: Late Night Underground
« Reply #12825 on: Today at 11:14:45 AM »
U know what has been puzzling me since Kaepernick took his stand to sit and will continue his protest?
How does he quantitate the success of his protest? If this rises awareness to the problem of people of color not being treated fairly, when is victory accomplished? What standards would he set forth that must be met for his protest to be affective? Say, 5 black people shot by police per year, 4 mexicans beaten to death by police, the acceptable number? Zero? He needs to define what the ultimate goal should be and how to work towards getting there. Sitting back and bitching about everything is the easiest God given, American right that we all have. And if you think sitting on your ass in protest ever got ANYTHING done in the long run, you need to check into the real world.

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Re: Late Night Underground
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Kaepernick ain't too bright.
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