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NFL DRAFT/ Schools representing
« on: April 27, 2013, 10:37:38 PM »
Of course we had a lot of players get gobbled up in the SEC, LSU, Bama, TAMU, UGA, and UF led the way, pretty much in that order too! The Tigers had a lot of defensive players as we all knew they would, but even gave up a couple of RBs that they are loaded with again this season!
Bama seemed like it sent the whole OL into the PROS and the Bulldogs were well rep-ed on both  sides of the ball!
Notre Dame and USC had a fair share get in like they always do, but the big impact player from those schools was conspicuously missing! It probably has a lot to do with Teos' off field attention and Barkley's' dismal season  on the coast.
The Honey Badger went higher than most thought and lower than he thinks he deserves! The kid is a big gamble, but I will say, he knows football and he has a football nose. lol
He single handily won the Cotton Bowl his Frosh Year against TAMU! The Aggie's were going away from P P Peterson and right at Tyrann!  He got 3 INTS during his coming out party and after that it was "Watch out for Honey Badger"!   Geno Smith is still wondering what hit him and his team mates that nite in Morgantown and Tyrann showed that game why he deserved H. Trophy consideration for running back punts!
Let us know how your school was represented in the recent NFL draft and any privileged insight you may have.
I know we are all looking forward to the upcoming CFB and NFL seasons, its not as far away as you may think!    Good Luck to all teams in all Leagues! cheer1
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