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Re: New Stadium
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looks like an interesting design

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Re: New Stadium
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I think the home field advantage of being outdoors is overrated personally.  I think sound and deafening cheering is more important.  The stories of yesteryear being from the North and having frozen tundra when teams like the Bears and Packers playing in the same elements, really the weather of playing outside really is a burden on both teams. Homefield advantage has and always will be the fans causing the other team to lose focus.

Granted I am not old school being only 30 years old.  Maybe the cold weather was an advantage in the past.  Weather does not seem to be a factor anymore.
   times have changed I agree, and when I hear the crowd 3rd and 8 just screaming, we got the lead, and they got to go 72 yards I feel good. the 12th man is very strong, I want to climb through the set.   Green Bay, the Bears they wouldn't care but bring me a warm weather team in the playoffs and we win. I'm 50 so I saw the Vikes kick the chit out of pretty good teams at the Met. Bud Grant , the great teams, it was fun. maybe it's because I was young or maybe it's cause I'm getting old,  but late season and playoff games,  those poor basters looked cold and somewhat lost on the visitors side.
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