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If you feel a topic needs to be pinned....

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please send Rat or myself a PM and we will be glad to do it.  We can keep things pinned until either the topic runs it's course or in the case of a poll the results are in. 


I pinned the weekly caption poll, Mikey.  I'd like to keep it moving along and kept at top. 

I think the "I'm TIred Of Michael Waltrip" thread should be pinned - just to keep MikeyFan humble, ya know.

how do you send a pm? thanx


--- Quote from: Super28 on June 09, 2013, 06:50:17 PM ---how do you send a pm? thanx

--- End quote ---

Click on the persons name.  On their info screen on the left side under ACTIONS you will see the option to send a Personal message.


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